Nasstoys Nen Wa Balls Review

Ben Wa Balls are all the rage these days thanks to Fifty Shades of Grey. More and more people are discovering their unique appeal. Many brands exist but Nen Wa Balls are quite the standouts. But let me tell you in this Nasstoys Nen Wa Balls review, that they are unlike anything else out there right now. They take Ben Wa Balls to new heights.

nasstoys nen wa balls review

These aren’t your everyday Ben Wa Balls.

What’s Separates Nen Wa Balls from Other Ben Wa Balls?

Nasstoys has taken a different approach with this product. They have a nice weight to them and since they’re made from hematite, an interesting history. Did you know that hematite produces a red chalk the color of blood when rubbed on sandpaper? Or that hematite is known to possess calming properties to practitioners of feng shui?

All of that’s interesting but it doesn’t get down to the fantastic features they possess. They’re super magnets. Yup, the Nen Wa Balls stay together for safe keeping and can be pulled apart when it’s time for play. Just let them clamp back together on either side of whatever bit of skin you’d like from labia to foreskin to nipples. They weigh about .13 lbs each and are made from non-toxic materials. They’re completely body safe.

What Did I Think of the Nasstoys Nen-Wa Balls?

Amazing. Wonderful. Just some of the words that come to mind. Yes, there are a lot of Ben Wa Balls already out there but you can’t go wrong by picking up these lovely hematite beauties. Perfect for newbies, metal play aficionados, the BDSM crowd, and more.

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