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So, if you read my first post about doin’ it in public in vehicles, you know I get turned on by car sex. But after I hit “publish,” I got a few more ideas and remembered a few more fun excursions in cars that I wanted to share. And I totally didn’t touch on oral sex last time. So here we go!

The Car Sex Tips Start Here!

I get tremendous pleasure by giving blow jobs to my pals who also happen to be driving. Yeah, I know that texting is illegal while driving but I don’t think there’s any law against giving oral sex while driving.

Let the cruising begin.

First, check what kind of console it is in between the two of you. With any luck, it will be a lower one where you can comfortably rest your shoulders when it comes time to place your lips in his lap. Be aware of where the shift is, too. The worst thing is if he has to suddenly downshift and slams the shift stem into your face. It’s enough to make you chomp down on his junk.

But we’re not planning to do that.

When it comes time to put your lipstick on his dipstick for some good, old-fashioned oral car sex, casually tilt your body towards his and drop your head in the middle of his pants. Oh yeah. You might want to unzip them before you go at it – there’s nothing like having him leave the car with slobber juice all over his fly.

And have him wiggle his member out of his tighty whiteys to make your job easier. Or, if you can manage this, wiggle the monster out yourself, trying not to snag those pubies which may result in a quick, inadvertent side swipe of the car in the next lane.

Okay, now down to business. By this time, he might be swelling up with anticipation as the miles zoom by.

To add an extra fun experience, have your guy play taxi cab driver. Smuthound was a cab driver at one point in his life and I decided I wanted to take a penis-eye view drive around town. Once I plopped my noggin on his log’n, he began to drive around the city while I looked up trying to figure out what street and which block we were on. I would simply tilt my head upwards, make my guess, take a breath, and then return to my sucking with vigor.

Toward the end of the hour-long ride, he would park in some anonymous parking lot to allow us to finish ourselves off and the windows were inevitably steamed up at this point from all the hot car sex. I often got to finger myself into orbit and he shot his load in his hand or within my mouth if I so desired.

The crowning moment of our frequently two-hour drive (and about two hour blowjob) was when I finally sat up to see where we parked. Most of the time, it was in a dark corner of an unattended parking lot where we were usually the only ones there.

And then maybe we’d go at it again and have some more, nasty in-the-car sex action.

So back to you, dear reader/blow job giver…

Part of the fun of giving a blow job in the car and car sex in general is to have your guy continue to drive without acting like he’s getting his parts oiled – you know, keeping his eyes on the road and his hands upon the wheel. Let it roll, baby, roll…. For god’s sakes, remind him NOT to look down at you while you’re heading down the road ‘cuz it’s damn uncomfortable to have to wear a seatbelt while you’re doing this… or him either.

Speaking of which, if it happens to be a well-traveled road you’re on, complete with semi-trucks tearing by you, keep in mind that often, the driver can look down and get a visual piece of the action. This can be a real turn on of you’re an exhibitionist like me (there, I said it) and if you’re extra lucky, you’ll be able to tilt your head up, gaze through your inevitably fucked up hair, and make an eye connection with aforementioned truck driver and no, not all of them are toothless road warriors from the south. Actually, some of them are fuckin’ hot which makes showing off your prowess at oral car sex in the front seat lap all the better.

And when rolling sideways with a semi, make sure your blowjobed driver watches the road even more carefully because the last thing you want to happen is to get pinned between the semi and a guard rail while the truck driver is whacking off to your bobbing head.

When it gets time to finish the deed, if you’re avoiding gobbling the junk spunk, try not to jerk your head quickly which may startle the owner of the squirting manmeat. Best they give you a little warning so the jizz can fly in your palm instead of in your eye.

Now, if you happen to want to lap up his bodyjuice and take that pop in the mouth, do so without dribbling on his crotch, which may take some clever neck bending, breathing, swallowing and hand use all at the same time. Make sure he keeps focused on the road, too, while he’s taking part in one of the oldest rituals known to man. Shooting off, that is, not driving.

When you sit up, it will be blatantly obvious as to what you’ve been doing especially if your hair becomes as fucked up as it usually does. Sit up with a glazed over smile to let your fellow travelers know what you’ve just done. If you really want to get into the theatrics of it all, make a big, exaggerated face swipe with your forearm to get rid of any stray droplets you may have on your cheek. This will make every guy within eyeshot jealous and make every woman watching jealous of your brashness and boldness. Eat your hearts out, girlies.

Now, if you want to eat pussy while you’re driving… that’s another blog. In a different car. While you’re pulled over by the side of the road. Towing a U Haul…

Oh yeah…


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