6 Stripping Tips to Undress with Confidence

Want a quick, no hassle way to spice things up in the bedroom (or living room, or kitchen…)? Why not strip for your partner? Before you run off cowering in your bathrobe, hear me out. Stripping can actually be fun and your partner is bound to be pleased by your extra efforts. I’ve put together a few stripping tips to get you started.

sexy attire is stripping tip number one

Tip #1: Wear what makes you feel sexy.

Stripping Tips:

  1. Wear clothes that you love. The more comfortable you are in your clothes, the more comfortable you’ll be getting out of them!  Wear something sexy that turns you on to begin with. You’ll be in the mood before you even begin to disrobe, which means you won’t be as nervous to bare all.
  2. Play good music. Something that you can dance to or enjoy listening to. And don’t over-think it. Seriously. Just pick a few songs that make you want to move and make you feel sexy.
  3. Soft lighting. Create a boudoir setting by toning down the lights or using candlelight to set the mood. This works especially well if you’re shy! Plus, who doesn’t look fantastic in candlelight?
  4. Don’t criticize your body! Pointing out your perceived flaws to your partner while stripping isn’t going to make him or her hate your body but it will distract from the moment. You are beautiful the way you are now… relish it!
  5. Take your time. Tease your way through your strip so your gloriousness isn’t exposed too quickly! Remember: the slow reveal will increase your partner’s anticipation, so get prepared for some seriously hot sex after all is revealed.
  6. Most of all, HAVE FUN! This will show through even when you wind up with no clothes on. A strip tease isn’t meant to be serious, so enjoy yourself!

I hope these stripping tips will help you take it off with confidence!

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