Types of Vibrators: Which One’s Right for Me?

There are a ton of vibrators out there. Literally and figuratively. I’ve never gone so far as to actually weigh vibrators or get an estimate of how much all the vibrators in the world weigh. That just doesn’t seem like a fruitful use of my time. Still, there are many different types of vibrators available now (with more and more hitting the market each day) so it’s natural if you feel a bit confused when you first start your search for your go-to vibe.

types of vibrators

Most vibrators have more settings than this.
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That’s why I’ve put together this little post to break down the different types of vibrators out there, the types of stimulation they offer, and their various shapes and sizes.

Standard Vibrators

Also known as traditional vibrators, these are your typical, everyday vibe that’ll get the job done. It doesn’t offer anything fancy, so don’t expect anything other than plastic and average length and width. The vibrating options can be varied though and that’s usually enough to turn a basic toy into a favorite. You’ll need to stock up on your AA batteries for C cell’s to keep these babies humming.

Bullet Vibes

These vibrators are small and compact, meaning they can easily slip into your carryon without much notice. They’re plastic or aluminum, feature several different vibration settings, and can be used all over the body including on the nipples, clitoris, and vulva. Or, let him have a go: they provide excellent scrotal stimulation.

Rabbit Vibrators

The good ‘ol rabbit. These vibrators are designed to hit all of your hot spots at once. They feature a rotating shaft that stimulates the G-spot and the vaginal walls and an attachment with bunny ears or something similar that stimulates the clitoris. Don’t be surprised if you come across rabbit vibrators that look nothing like the original, however. They’ve come a long way, baby!

G-Spot Vibes

G-Spot vibrators are, as you might have guessed, made to stimulate the G-Spot. Their most identifying feature is a curve or “hooked” head. They’re made from many different materials from plastic to silicone to jelly.

Looks Like The Real Thing

These vibrators are highly realistic and designed to look like a real penis, veins and all! They’re usually made out of a softer material like silicone or rubber and feature many different vibration strengths and speeds.

Couples Vibes

Who says vibrating fun is only to be had solo? There are many different toys for couples available that can enhance your experience together from hands-free to vibrating cock rings to vibrators you wear on your fingers. The list goes on and on! All I know is it’s fun to open up a new toy and have a willing partner to try it out with.

The Unclassifiable

Sometimes vibrators just don’t fall into any specific category. They might feature several speed and strength settings. They may be phallic; they may not. They come in funky shapes, sizes, and designs. You could probably leave some of these toys out on your desk and no one would know they were vibrators! Still, the different shapes and contours can make for new pleasurable experiences.

Now that you know the different types of vibrators available, you can get to shopping! Remember to include your partner, if you can. He or she will likely want a say in gizmos you bring to the bedroom.

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