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Passionate U Sexual EducatorsAll I can say is WOW! I had known Kali for years as we both were in Boston for more than a decade, crossing paths at various functions all having to do with educational sexuality. When the opportunity to be part of the Passionate U crew of sexual educators, I jumped at it.

I am so excited to be sharing the two plus decades of experience I have with everything to do with sex. How to enjoy it, how to expand it, and most of all, how to add sex toys to the excitement of it all.

You know, I’ve always said “Remember what it was like when you were given a toy when you were a kid? There was boundless enthusiasm, you were happy, you just couldn’t wait to get home to rip open the package and have fun!” I say have that same excitement you had then with a toy for grown ups! Your very own sex toy! Drop the embarrassment, the hang ups, the “bad girl” impressions you may have grown up with… you’re an adult now! Go forth and have fun!

So this is the excitement and attitude I want to bring to all of my videos on Passionate U as one of their sexual educators. As you know, I have an unending enthusiasm for sex toys and sex and this is what I want to personally share with you. If you’d like me to address something that you personally want to know, just get in touch with me through Passionate U, leave a comment here on the blog, or tweet me @KimAirs and I’ll get right on it. Promise!

And when you join the wonderful, in depth and incredibly educational Passionate U through my exclusive link, I get to share in your happiness, so you’re supporting me, Kim Airs, and, too! I’d totally appreciate it, big time.

Looking forward to your becoming a member of Passionate U and opening up the world of everything sex with the best sexual educators around. My first videos should be going up this weekend. Woo hoo!

Lots of love,

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Kim Airs

Sexuality Specialist at Grand Opening!
Kim Airs is the founder of the upscale sexuality boutique, Grand Opening! She's since moved the store online and now offers a ton more sex toys and goodies for your own personal shopping experience! You can find her on and Twitter.

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