Sex Classes in Culver City with Kim Airs

I’m teaching sex ed classes right here in Culver City! Read the details below and I hope to see you there!
sex ed classes
Ya Wanna Put That WHERE?! Sex Toys 101
There are thousands of sex toys on the market today but how do you know which one is the one is the right one for you? I have over 20 years experience in the adult toy market and will share my wisdom and depth of knowledge with you! You’ll learn about what toys are made of, the different qualities and range of products, how to use them, all about personal lubricants, and most of all, how to put the batteries in correctly! You are guaranteed to learn something you didn’t know before!
This fun and exciting class is open to all 18+   THIS THURSDAY!   Feb 6   7pm-9pm  $25 REGISTER HERE:
You Go, Girl! Sex Tips for Gals! with Kim Airs
Ah, we love men! Learn how to pleasure his manhood with increased oral skills, hand skills, and positions that will give you both pleasure. Learn some tips and techniques in this WOMEN ONLY class. Surprise him for Valentine’s Day with your newfound knowledge of sexual skills that will send him into orbit! You’ll learn how to use toys and other adult products to increase pleasure for both you and your partner, and new things to discover to open the doors to sexual fun and excitement. And don’t worry, we’ll be using rubber toys for practice because the homework in this class is the fun part!
This fun and exciting class is for women only!  18+   Tuesday, Feb 11   7pm-9pm  $25  REGISTER HERE:
Spring Training! Sex Tips for Guys! with Kim Airs
Okay, so we all think that guys should know what to do when it comes to sex but as with anything else, we go on what we know and what we always do. Now’s your chance to learn some tips and techniques in this MEN ONLY class! Surprise your gal after Valentine’s Day when you offer her a different menu including your newfound knowledge about her anatomy, communication, oral sex skills, hand skills, using toys for both you and your partner, and many other things that will increase sexual pleasure and fun! I’ll will give you some pointers on how to please women that are sure to make you a winner!
This fun and exciting class is for men only!  18+   Tuesday, Feb 18   7pm-9pm  $25  Register here:
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Kim Airs

Sexuality Specialist at Grand Opening!
Kim Airs is the founder of the upscale sexuality boutique, Grand Opening! She's since moved the store online and now offers a ton more sex toys and goodies for your own personal shopping experience! You can find her on and Twitter.

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