Read to Me: Literary Dirty Talk 101

You know, there’s lots of ways to turn on your partner whether you’ve been together a month or been together for years. Some of them are really simple and some of them take some time. You can strip for each other, role play, or participate in some light bondage. A really simple one merely involves your words: dirty talk.

Get a handle on dirty talk by reading to each other.

Source: Guy Jaques

Here’s one of my favorites:

Read to each other! When you were a child, remember what it was like to be read to when it was time for bed? You were relaxed, your imagination began to run wild, the person reading to you took you to places you only fantasized about.

Well, once upon a time can still work for you and your sex life and here’s how.

First, grab a good book or print out something from the internet that you really like. If it’s a book, highlight with a pink highlighter what paragraphs turn you on and have your partner highlight their favorites with a blue highlighter (or just pick two different colors). That way, you’ll know that you’re reading passages that get each other hot and turns you on to begin with without having to guess. Often, the segments will be just the good parts so you can get frisky right away.

Anthologies work well because they are stories you can pick up and put down when the action starts! Some books to get started with are Letters to Penthouse, Best of ….. (there are many, many different categories of books of this type), and many books written for couples.

Think Outside the Book

If you’re going to look for some hot writing on the internet to spark your dirty talk session, find something that turns you on and have your partner do the same. Share website info so they can see what works for you. Print out the passages or pull them up on your smartphones to be able to read it to them when you have your private, sex time.

If you really want to let your partner use the depths of their imaginations, simply have them wear a blindfold in order to take away their visual sense and which will allow them to just focus on your words. It’s amazing what taking away one sense (vision) can do for your other ones.

Now let’s say you or your partner get turned on by, say, speaking French or using a French accent. You can try role playing while reading other people’s words from books using accents and breathy reading styles. Moving in a little closer to their ear when you’re getting to the particularly good parts will heighten your stimulation and theirs as well. But don’t forget! The closer you are to one’s ears, the quieter you should be because your voice will be amplified.

The Perk of Reading dirty talk

Speaking of using other people’s words, are you afraid to do something like this because you were taught that girls shouldn’t do dirty talk? If you or your partner are uncomfortable saying words you feel uncomfortable with, simply READ them in stories! That way, you aren’t really saying those words but simply reading someone else’s.

Once you start to be more comfortable with doing this, just keep throwing in your own words to the text. Pretty soon, you’ll be able to make it up as you go along and get a hotter scene going than what anyone else could write.

Remember, there’s nothing wrong with a little grown up reading to spark your imagination!

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