Public Sex in Cars: A Definite Turn On

So maybe the idea of public sex scares the living daylights out of you. Well, my friend, it shouldn’t because people do it all the time. The rush of the moment of exhibitionism is always exceeded by the excitement generated by the fear of getting caught doing it.

And oh yeah, the sex.

I am a total proficiando of outdoor, done in public sex. Now, I don’t mean grabbing a blanket and doing it on the 50 yard line of the high school football field although that sure sounds tempting. No, I’m talking about hot, nasty parking lot sex. Or fucking in a hidden corner of a construction lot.

Public Sex in Cars: A few Quick Tips

Here’s a few tried and true tips that you can try tonight. Or now. NOW.
If you’re going to get busy in a car, there are many things you can do. First, nighttime is the easiest time to get away with public sex because it’s difficult to see into a car at night. You know this because you can’t see the other person in the car in the other lane flip you the bird after you just cut them off on the highway. No problem then.

Best thing to do is NOT to go to a “Lover’s Lane.” Too easy to get caught there. An easy thing to do is to back your car into a car repair shop parking lot, in between cars that are ready to go into the shop the next day. There will most likely be a gap in between from someone that just picked up their car earlier in the day.
Now, I emphasize BACK YOUR CAR IN. The reason is that when your car is back against a wall, it will pretty much eliminate any risk of someone coming up from behind you and scaring the shit out of you and your secret rendezvous. Plus, most of the cars will be backed into the spaces anyway so you’ll blend right in. Turn off your lights as you are pulling into the repair place because someone may notice a car backing in and think it’s a little suspect.

Then do the nasty. Your car windows will get fogged up which will probably be okay since no one will be looking in from the sides. Also, since you’ve backed in, you have a full view of anything through the windshield even if you have to wipe it down a few times during the session.

Another great place is in an industrial park at night. There will always be an empty parking lot somewhere. There MAY be security cameras but think about it: The security guard watching them has probably seen this before and will be jerking off watching YOU as you start to steam up the windows during your public sex session. Depending on the darkness and privacy of the place, you may want to get out of the car and continue fucking on the hood (or flat against the side of the car). But I’m getting ahead of myself.
There have been many an industrial park that I drive by during the day when it’s teeming with vehicles and I smile, knowing that I’ve had hot public sex right under their noses several hours after their departure.

Another great twist for an industrial park is to look for loading platforms that make the tail end of the 18 wheeler sink lower so the loading dock is at ground level. You know what I mean. The perfect thing about them is when you back in (natch), the car will disappear under the surface of the loading dock, provided you aren’t in an SUV. When the car sinks under the loading dock, all you need to do is look forward, again, through the windshield. Also, you really don’t have to worry about anyone coming from three sides of your car.

If you REALLY feel like fucking while parked in the streets, do it so that you can look through the front and rear windows as well as the side view mirrors to see if anyone is sneaking up on either side of you. All of this while you’re fucking and the windows are getting steamed up. I find that the guy is never the one to pay attention to the possible surprise ambush so it’s up to us gals to stay on top of things. Which is a perfect position for when you’re fucking in cars.

Once I was with my pal SmutHound, who I had plenty of outdoor escapades with. We had just done a hot, mutual masturbation scene, leaving both of us rather spent. We were parked in a QUASI industrial area, meaning that there were residents around… in their lofts… but close enough. We just finished and I commented how all the times we’ve had public sex, we’d never been caught.
And then it happened.

If you’re caught, the easiest and most believable thing to do is to giggle your way out of it and say “It’s been our fantasy to do this for a long time” and look lovingly at your partner since they will most likely be shitting bricks at this point. This line works particularly well even with one night stands as they will be remarkably impressed with your candor and skill in handling the situation.

So we were both inside of the car, leaning against the window, seat, and dashboard with our splayed out legs, underwear by ankles, breathing that post-shoot off dizzybreath, when the cop car pulled in front of us at a perpendicular angle (we WERE backed in of course) and flashed the brightest, blinding flashlight in our eyes that I have ever experienced. “Oh shit!” we both responded. “And we were just talking about not ever being caught!”

The cop approached the car with the cold flashlight continuing to bear down on our privacy. He looked at my friend and demanded he show him an ID. I was sitting opposite and started to feel a little slighted that he asked for HIS ID and not mine.
Shortly after, the cold hearted cop asked for my ID which I gladly gave him. I pointed out that my friend was from a town south of where I lived and I was north of where we were. “We like to meet in the middle!” I chirped, trying to get a wink and a nod from Mr. Post-Orgasm Buster.

“You were doing a very private thing in a very public place so just get moving,” he blurted as he handed back our IDs. He then strutted back to the car, knowing what he did but also knowing he did the right thing.

The cop car took off. I looked at my friend and said “Let’s do it again!” We decided not to but then it became our in joke of “doing a very pubic thing in a very private place.”

So let that personal example be one for you if you ever get caught having public sex!

Car Sex Tips To Remember:

  • Back in to the parking space no matter where you are
  • Have plenty of safe sex supplies and take them with you when you leave the car. God forbid Junior finds them under the seat when looking for his baseball.
  • Remember to giggle if you get caught.
  • Look for security cameras when parking in an industrial park.

And most of all, have fun!

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