Pipedream White Diamond Rabbit Review

Who doesn’t need another rabbit in her life? The White Diamond Rabbit from Pipedream is a classy choice and significant upgrade from your standard Rabbit fare. This vibrator features a clear shaft that allows you to see the metal beads inside rotating. These beads are positioned just so to provide ample G Spot stimulation. Plus, you can easily change the settings and speeds thanks to pressable buttons at the base of the shaft.

white diamond rabbit review On the external side of things, the White Diamond Rabbit has thick ears that offer direct clitoral stimulation. The shaft and the rabbit ears have their own vibrators and their own settings, making this an effective dual vibe. The shaft is phthalate-free and measures 6” long.

Let’s talk about how this rabbit vibrator looks for a moment. We already established it’s clear so you can see the beads gyrating away inside, but it also has crystals adorning the base of the shaft. The entire rabbit is encased in white, silver, and clear details, giving it a clean and classy style.

What Did I Think of the White Diamond Rabbit?

To put it simply, the White Diamond Rabbit will appeal to someone looking for something a bit more in their next rabbit vibrator purchase. It’s got a classy look that stands out for all the right reasons. The rotating beads are positioned well for G Spot stimulation and the reverse rotation feature on the shaft is a nice touch. The only real drawback is the motor–it’s a tad on the noisy side. Still, it’s unlikely you’ll even notice the vibrating noise when you’re in the middle of a sexy evening alone or with a partner.

All in all, this is a vibrator that delivers on all the features any good rabbit vibrator should offer–and it looks good doing it.

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