Pink Unity Review

If you’re looking for something a little different in your next lubricant purchase then listen up because this Pink Unity review is bound to pique your interest. What do I mean by “different” exactly? Well, you know how you normally have to pick between a water based lubricant and a silicone lubricant before you slip between the sheets (and other places)? Now you don’t have to.

pink unity lubricant Pink Unity Review: This Lubricant is a Silicone and Water Based Hybrid

You no longer have to pick between the super slick appeal of silicone lubricant and the easy clean up of water based lubricant. You can get both, together, in one bottle. As this Pink Unity review will quickly show you, this product is a clear gel that offers the best of both worlds.

This latest offering from Empowered Products starts out feeling nice and slippery like a water based gel lubricant. It’s thick and goes on smooth. Once you get your friction on, it starts to thin out. Normally, with water based lubricant, you’d have to start dabbing on a bit more (and a bit more) to keep things nice and slick and comfortable but this the exact moment when the Pink Unity Lubricant turns into a silicone lube, offering up all of the slip you need, for as long as you need.

This lube comes in 3.3 oz tube and squeezes out slowly so there’s less mess and less waste. The flip-top cap is easy to pop open in the moment and it works with silicone sex toys, too!*

What Did I Think of Pink Unity Lubricant?

Your takeaway from this Pink Unity review should be this: With plenty of slip and slide, this silicone and water-based hybrid lubricant gets the job done and then some. It lasts forever, can be used with any type of toy, and a little bit goes a long way. What’s not to love?

*Dab on a bit of the lube on an inconspicious spot of your silicone toys before slathering it all over. Yes, it’s rated as safe for use with silicone but you never know. Better to be safe than sorry!
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