Phthalates in Sex Toys: A Thing of the Past?

Actually, since I know the industry so well, almost all of the major manufacturers have eliminated phthalates in their products and are making them out of TPE (thermo plastic elastomer) or TPR (thermo plastic rubber) both of which contain NO phthalates yet still look and feel like the typical jelly rubber toys.

phthalates in sex toys

Phthalates in sex toys are bad news!

The EU has outlawed phthalates in products so in order to export sex toys to Europe, the major companies have eliminated using the rubber softeners phthalates in their toys. At, there is a HUGE variety of sex toys and they will each state if they are phthalate free, which the majority are.

When buying a sex toy, the best way to determine if there are phthalates in the toy is to try to detect an odor on the toy while in its packaging. If it was made with phthalates, the toy will give off a slightly unpleasant scent. If the toy does not have phthalates, it will be odor free. Also, many of the common jelly rubber toys ARE, in fact, phthalate free. But what’s the best way to check? Scent, of course.

What’s the Problem with Phthalates?


There hasn’t been a ton of research done on the subject, but what we do know is this: they are a type of chemical group that is used to soften plastics; they are used in a wide variety of products; and they can rub off onto the skin when you use a product containing them. Yuck! Plus, one study has connected these chemicals to thyroid issues.

So what can you do? Look for phthalate-free products or purchase a silicone sex toy to eliminate the concern entirely. More and more major manufacturers are switching over to safer materials but that doesn’t mean you can let your guard down. Pay attention to what you’re putting on (and in!) your body!

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