Even MORE Tips for a Good Time with Your Rabbit Vibe

I realized after posting last week about rabbit vibrators that I still had a few more helpful tips I could have offered you. That’s what I’m going to do today: give you even more tips to make the most of your time with the bunny. So sit, back, relax, and get ready for a good time!

rabbit vibe

Not a rabbit vibe.
Source: Robobobobo

One Feature at a Time

Rabbits come with a lot of features built right in. It may be tempting to switch them all on at once but you might send your lady parts into overload. In layman’s terms: ouch! Instead, take it nice and slow. Experiment with one setting at a time. Do you like the vibrating shaft? Great. Now see if the rotation feels good. What about the bouncing, rumbling beads? And don’t forget those bunny ears (or whatever fulfills that purpose on your model). Is the stimulation to your clit enjoyable or too much, too soon? All of the settings and doodads on rabbit vibes are designed to offer pleasure. Just make sure you’re ready for them before you turn all engines to “go.”

Turn the Rabbit Vibe Around

Sounds simple enough, right? If you like a little anal play, turn that bunny around so the clit stimulator tickles your anus. Don’t like it? That’s okay. Turn it back around. Just make sure you wash it before putting it back on your clit.

Get Your Partner Involved

Who said you had to use your new bunny alone? It can be even more enjoyable when you have your partner using the sex toy on you (or vice versa). Just make sure to communicate clearly. If something doesn’t feel good, say so!

Clean It Up

Always, always, always clean your sex toys after using them. You can use a mild anti-bacterial soap or a sex toy cleaner, if you wish. Store your rabbit vibe in a cool and dry place–like your dresser–with the batteries removed until you’re ready to use it again. And if these tips have been a help to you, the “next time” is likely to be very soon!

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