Have a question you’d like me to answer? Have a specific product you’d like me to review? Or, would you like me to speak at an engagement?

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  1. Hi Kim! Just want to say Hi and get my home email to you so we can keep in touch. PHE closed down Temptations Parties so I am looking for gainful employment in the industry. Take care and keep those articles coming…Im dying top find out what happened at the Bunny Ranch. Cynthia~

  2. GREAT show on Arsenio last night! I am sure the audience was singing “Joy to the World” as soon as they got home and located the AA’s and AAA’s. Ms. Kim Santa Claus, bringing holiday happiness to Big and Lil Kids via motorcycle or UPS! Which reminds me, I need to order a new c*ckring from you.

  3. Kim,
    i don’t know if you remember me or not, but i did the moon on your roght shoulder blade back in the nineties….ring any bells?
    i just got out of prison (again) about a month ago and i’m now restricted, (for awhile) to your old stomping grounds. You look great in the photos on your site and hope you are doing as well as you look. Much has changed sine we last saw each other and you were never far from my thoughts, so if you remember me, feel free to email me or write direct to me at:2500 apricot lane, las vegas nv. 89108.
    2500 apricot lane, las vegas nev. 89108.

  4. Hey Kim,
    Did some research and found you were one of the best sex toy consultants!
    Congrats for getting on Arsenio Hall!

    I have extensive background in product development. Most of my experience
    relates to developing medical devices and commercializing high-tech
    products through the University of Utah. These skills are easily
    transferable to your industry.

    The sex toy industry is very competitive. Companies need to innovate in
    order to stay alive.

    We can discuss the details, of course, but first I wanted to see if this
    would be something you are interested in.

    If so, would it be okay if I sent you a product that I have already
    researched and developed that would be a great fit for some companies you
    consult for?

    I am more than happy to split any revenue that comes from a potential licensing deal.

  5. Interested in finding out if you have workshops still, attended some in the past. Also, if you still have a store in Massachusetts?

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